Taiwanese Breakfast Buffet

Alright so for this breakfast In Taiwan, I went to this local little shop where it had a “buffet” styled breakfast You get what you like, pay for it, and eat it.


So this shop cooks their breakfast outside and brings it inside to sell; which I think is a pretty cool idea. This way when customers walk into the shop, they will not have to suffer the smell of cooking oil coming from the kitchen. The food that this shop makes seems to use a lot of oil. The shop sells pan fried dumplings, egg omelets, pan- fried buns, baked scallion pancake, crullers, turnip cake, hash browns, egg tarts, sausages, coffee, milk tea, soy bean milk, milk, chocolate milk, etc. There are more but I forgot what else they were selling.


I decided it’d be safe to stick with 2 pan fried dumplings, a pan fried bun, hash brown, and soymilk. The fried dumplings had a crispy skin on the outside but they were a bit too thick for me. The seasoning on the filling was a bit bland and could have had a bit more flavor. But overall it was good.

The pan fried bun that you see on my plate is called either “Water fried bun” or “crystal bun.” My guide informed its name is “sui jen bao.” I’m not sure if it is water fried bun or crystal bun, either way here’s my opinion. The skin was nicely seared creating a crispy layer. But the skin was also a bit too thick for me. There could be less filling. When I was eating the bun, the filling kept spilling out. The filling was also bland. It consisted of minced beef and green onions. It could use a bit more seasoning.

The hash brown and soymilk were pretty good, like a typical hash brown. There is nothing positive or negative to say about the hash brown or soymilk.


Just writing this post is making me hungry! AH, I need some breakfast now.. But until then, SEW (sleep, eat, write)!


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